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The Server Farm

The KOH Server Farm is one of the most advanced server farms operating in the world today and is fully compliant with the highest and most stringent industry standards:

  • The farm is equipped with the latest and most advanced technologies of their kind.
  • The server farm is secured using a top notch security access system
  • Offers protected facilities for server/web hosting in a secure environment
  • Completely isolated against various hazards using the most advanced global technologies available

Our Server Farm includes a variety of advanced services including:

  • Advanced backup services
  • Email service
  • DNS services
  • Monitoring and warning system
  • Video streaming services
  • Data protection and communications services
  • Managed and maintenance hosting services
  • High level physical security
  • Statistical reports
  • A range of measurement and monitoring systems that significantly improve the customer's ability to monitor servers and perform administrative tasks
  • Dual link broadband connection to the Internet Backbone centers

Servers that are physically hosted at the server farm enjoy the benefits of symmetric bandwidth with unlimited efficiency percent rate allowing them to avoid the impact of heavy loads during server access. The server farm maintains a direct connection to the Israeli internet hub, the IIX that connects between all internet providers in Israel, and as such, provides fast and easy access to all Israeli internet users. The server farm is also connected to the rest of the world by optic fibers which provide quick access from Israel to internationally hosted sites and vice versa. The company does not interfere with server performance and allows customers to store any standard application on their server.

Server Farm Specifications

Technology – Information Security and communications equipment provided by industry-leading producers such as Check Point, F-5, Cisco and Juniper. Hardware and software equipment from leading brand names like HP, Dell, IBM and Microsoft.

Communications Network – Designed using international Cisco switches and routers. Network design with maximum emphasis on durability of system availability and data protection using the Spanning Tree method by which each access switch is connected to the Internet Backbone switches by a one Giga Copper line thus providing hot backup for each other.

System Durability – Full durability of all physical infrastructures installed at the server farm such as electricity, air conditioning, fire alarm system, flood detection and site security.

Electrical System - Electricity Backup system including two separate and independent power sources with UPS systems for backup of external power-grid electricity. Three-phase power (Optional).

Manned Security and Physical Security – The server farm is manned 24 hours a day and backed up using a security monitoring and control system which includes: security cameras, smart cards, biometric identification systems, and 24/7 closed circuit television recording. In addition, each  server cabinet includes a dedicated “Kodan” type physical security system (optional).

Infrastructure Monitoring and Control Systems - Advanced air-conditioning control system (the server farm includes a central heat-suction system that is connected directly into each cabinet installed in the farm), and a fire detection system, integrated with PREACTION type fire control systems, that works using an escalation method that is activated whenever warning is issued by any two separate sources that are installed throughout the server farm. Advanced monitoring including email and SMS alerts for all servers and applications hosted at the farm.

Server Farm Structure – KOH provides server farm services at a number of server farms in Israel and abroad. The server farm spans across 1,500 square meters divided into two primary work environments. Customers are invited to use a dedicated monitoring and control room from which servers are accessed by a dedicated KVM system. The server farm also includes direct elevator access for the convenience of our customers.

Bandwidth Utilization - Efficient utilization of high bandwidth used by ISP's, maximum connectivity directly into the Internet Backbone and the Israel IIX while maintaining an optimal ratio between available bandwidth and the number of customers, a setting that ensures optimal communication speed to all customer servers.