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Managed Hosting

KOH offers an extensive Managed Hosting and Storage services with 24/7 customer support at the server farm.
The Server Farm operates as a Data Center that provides customers all services that are required for high standard storage and operation that is compliant with all international standard requirements.
Our customers enjoy round the clock Managed Hosting including design, implementation, and regular maintenance of all servers for all purposes.

KOH offers its customers a professional system team composed of senior experts from various IT fields such as communications, information security, email, internet systems, databases, hardware and more. Our experts are experienced, proficient, reliable, courteous, highly motivated and verify that our customers remain satisfied at all times.

 Our advantages:

  • Availability - Technical support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Efficiency - Direct work with senior technicians so problems are handled as quickly and efficiently as possible, without requiring additional study at the customers expense.
  • No bureaucracy – Fast support should never be delayed because of administrative reasons. First we fix, then we ask questions.

The Server Farm includes support of commissions services, information security, data backup and recovery, monitoring, warning issuance etc.
The company performs technical design in accordance with customer requirements and system installation up to production stage and beyond.
This service is designed for companies that desire to manage an internet infrastructure on Dedicated or Virtual Servers that provide especially high performance and information security levels.

 Service Components:

 Preliminary Survey
Each project begins with a preliminary survey with the customer and software house, study of system requirements and performance of required adjustments accordingly.

 Work Plan
Based on the preliminary survey, preparation of an organized work plan according to which the system installment project is performed.

 Server Hardware
Installation, maintenance, and operation of server based hardware systems.

 Operating Systems
Installation, maintenance and operation of operating systems, installation of the latest Operating System Service Pack updates, configuration of information security aspects, definition of system users and assignment of user privileges, special configuration for performance optimization, weekly log analysis for identification of system malfunctions.

 Communications Infrastructure
Installation of communication infrastructure for the server network, installation of ultra-fast 1GB networks and optical networks, installation and operation of smart switches.

 Electrical Infrastructure
Connection of server to various power sources and UPS systems with external backup.

 Information Security
Planning and installation of Fire Wall security systems, installation of smart systems for identification and blocking of system hacking attempts, installation of anti-spam and anti-virus systems, definition of information security policies and implementation of these policies, configuration and management of remote system access as required.

 Website Administration Systems
Installation, operation and regular maintenance of IIS Application Servers, system configuration as required, configuration of information security for IIS Systems, configuration of the IIS Logs website administration system (creation and storage of logs in accordance with validity and policy).

 Database Management Systems
Installation, operation and regular maintenance of database systems, system integrity test by inspection of data backup and recovery system notifications, installation and operation of data integrity systems, support of MySQL, Access, SQL DB systems.

 Domain Names
Hosting and registration of domain names, multiple DNS servers for verification of integrity.

 System Monitoring and Warning
Computerized cross-system monitoring, issuance of system crash warnings by Email and SMS.

 Data Backup
Configuration of backup plan for all company systems, operation of backup and recovery systems, maintenance of customer data logs, configuration and maintenance of data integrity assurance system for all company data.

 Statistical Reports
Log analysis and distribution of graphic reports including information concerning specifics of all company websites such as number of visitors, view pages and more.

 Technical Support
Full 24/7 technical support, work with on-duty shift managers all day.

 Technical Consultancy and Work with Development Team 
Direct contact with software firms for operation and problem solving.