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Reseller and Webmaster Programs

KOH's Windows 2008 Server Reseller Packages are designed for web designers and webmasters that wish to manage their customers on their own. In addition, there is an option to earn more additional income by redirecting visitors.

KOH's Reseller Packages allow you to administer websites created by you without being dependent on the host. Creation of new accounts is quick and easy and allows for maximum flexibility in creation of multiple Email accounts that are customized according to customer requirements and provides sufficient disk space based on the KOH Resellers price list.

 Reseller Accounts Enable:

  • Unlimited creation of "Domains".
  • Accompaniment of a professional technical team for assistance in regular maintenance and administration of your sites, systems and servers.
  • KOH Team expertise – Our support staff will help you learn, understand and confront various technological challenges.
  • Ability to register multiple DNS names under the reseller's domain name.
  • Complete customer administration including Ticketing Support.
  • Configuration of flexible hosting packages.
  • Installation of various scripts by technical teams following product testing.
  • KOH servers are hosted in Israel's leading server farms.
  • All servers are produced by HP/IBM/DELL and are backed up using RAID system technology and other advanced systems for data backup and recovery.

All KOH hosting servers are installed in dedicated KOH server cabinets and are maintained and monitored 24 hours a day by KOH technical staff.
The company's server farm is one of the most advanced of its kind and operates in full compliance with the highest and strictest international industry standards.

 Our Server Farm includes a variety of advanced services including:

  • Advanced backup services
  • Email service
  • DNS services
  • Monitoring and warning system
  • Video Streaming services
  • Data protection and communications services
  • Managed and maintenance hosting services
  • High level physical security
  • Statistical reports
  • A range of measurement and monitoring systems that significantly improve the customer's ability to monitor servers and perform administrative tasks
  • Dual link broadband connection to the Internet Backbone centers. Servers that are physically hosted at the server farm will enjoy the benefits of symmetric bandwidth with unlimited efficiency percent rate allowing them to avoid impact of heavy loads during server access. The server farm maintains a direct connection to the Israeli internet hub, the IIX that connects between all internet providers in Israel, and as such, provides fast and easy access to all Israeli internet users. The server farm is also connected to the rest of the world by optic fibers which provide quick access from Israel to internationally hosted sites and vice versa. The company does not interfere with server performance and allows customers to store any standard application on the server.