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Privacy Statement

The following concerns the content and information presented on the: www.koh.co.il
The site operator is a company called KOH, a privately held company legally registered in Israel.

   Website Content and Information

The website includes, among others, various links to other websites. The site operator is unable to control and monitor all links and does not guarantee that all links will link users to active internet websites. The site operator clarifies that all inbound and outbound links cannot be interpreted as an expression of support or any type of endorsement, explicitly or otherwise, by the operator of the site to any such sources.

KOH does not sponsor, endorse, and makes no statement regarding content, or any other information provided on our site or in any other website to which links are included on it. Any decisions made and/or any other action arising out of reliance on the content appearing in any of those sites are the sole responsibility of the user.
Shop Center / Host Center shall assume no legal liability in such cases.


On occasion, certain inaccuracies and/or errors may arise in website content as a result of dynamic changes in various systems and/or human error. For absolute and final information regarding website content, including but not limited to, prices, conditions of service and payment services, users are requested to contact the company.

KOH shall assume no liability for any direct and/or indirect damage of any kind, caused to users as a result of usage and/or reliance on any content, information and/or services contained within this site, and/or in any other source which may be accessed from this site, and/or any source that may be accessed through links, services, domain search engine or any other interface on the site.

Use of this Site is at the discretion and under sole responsibility of the user. The user hereby waives any right to make claim and/or demand and/or suit against operators of this site in any matter that may arise and/or arises as a result of using this site.


All content displayed on the Site, including but not limited to text and images, are the sole property of the company operating the site. Copy of or publication of any such content, if full or any part thereof, is strictly prohibited without prior consent, in writing, from the operator of the site.

 Applicable Law

Website Terms of Use are subject to Israeli law. Any claim filed against the operator of the site shall be deliberated in an Israeli court of Law that is certified to deliber matters concerning or derived from Terms of Use. The presiding court shall be the competent court located nearest to the site in which computers of the service provider are located.

 User Agreement

By using our website the user hereby accepts all terms of the privacy statement as stated.
This statement is written in masculine gender grammar for convenience purposes only, but applies to both genders equally.