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Shared Website Hosting

KOH is a veteran company with ample experience and professionalism in the field of web hosting in Israel. The company offers a range of web hosting solutions using the latest technology, uncompromising performance, fast service and professional support 24*7*365.

 Shared Web Hosting packages on Windows servers are designed for companies and webmasters and include everything website owners require:

  • Full support of all programing languages for windows environments including PHP.
  • Traffic statistics
  • Email accounts (including the ability to configure new mail accounts or delete old ones)
  • Databases such as SQL Server 2008 with remote access option using Microsoft Management Studio
  • Databases for work with PHP such as MySQL Server

Websites are hosted on especially fast and secure brand name servers. Service is provided on Servers provided by HP which are specifically designed for installation in server farms.

The communications infrastructure and information security is provided by Check Point, Cisco and Juniper.

Data backup services are provided by Syantec Veritas Systems.
All statistics are provided by Google Urchin.
Monitoring of possible system failure and/or system malfunctions is maintained 24 hours a day and warnings are automatically issued by Email and SMS.
Administrative services and customer support are performed by a professional technical team which is available 24/ hours a day.

This service is designated for both large-scale and smaller customer who are interested in installing websites and/or web-based applications without the need to purchase hardware and licenses. Alternatively, such system design may be used as early stage hosting for large scale internet sites and web-based applications which are planned for dedicated hosting at a later stage.

 We Also Offer:

  • Improved performance and increased attendance
  • Unprecedented disk storage space and data traffic volumes
  • Commitment to 99% Up-time for all hosted websites
  • Web Hosting configured for advanced applications including customized e-commerce support


Our shared hosting servers are properly secured and enjoy multilayer protection scheme in terms of the communication equipment they employ and the Firewall system that is used. Hardware and software is only purchased from industry leaders such as Microsoft, Dell, IBM, HP and more...

 Service Component Specification

Geographical Location – Shared Hosting Israel
Geographical Location – Managed Servers International
Server Type HP DL 360/380 G6
Operating System Microsoft Windows 2008 Server R2 64 Bit
Processor Intel® Xeon
Memory HP 8000 MB (8GB) RAM
Disk Configuration Raid 0/5/10
Data Backup Automatic daily backup by robot
Server Monitoring Server monitoring and inspection 24*7*365
Server Up-time Availability 99%
Information Security Data and communication protection using Cisco and Juniper systems
Customer File File definition and dedicated user accounts for each customer
Multiple Servers Separate servers for source files and database files
Private Network Server Link Fast and secure data transfer between Application Server and Database Server using a 1000MB bandwidth connection
Source File Access Secure and encoded access to source files using dedicated FTP access for each customer
Database Access Secure access using Check Point VPN Client
    Storage Space and Traffic  
Storage Space Up to 1000MB
Monthly Traffic Unlimited
    Internet Application Server  
( Internet Information Services (IIS 6.0
    Programming Language Support  


 ASP.NET Frame work v1.0/2.0/3.0/3.5


PHP v5.0



MS Access

MS SQL Server v2000


    Information Security  

Server Firewall Protection

Shared SSL Service

    Server Component Specification  

AspUpload – File uploads

AspJpeg – Image manipulation

SfImageResize Professional – Image manipulation

Asp Mail – Email component

W3JMail – Email component

CDOSYS – OS Integrated Email component

CDONTS – OS Integrated Email component

    Email Services  

Internet access through Web Mail

POP3 email boxes

CDONTS – OS Integrated Email component

Follow-me definition

Mail Forwarding Definition

Catch All Definition

Automatic Response Service

Anti-spam Service

    Domain Names  

Domain Name Registration

Sub-Domain Name Definition

    Access and Administration


Definitions using service center and human response

File Access using FTP

SQL Access using Enterprise Manager

MySQL Access using PhpMyAdmin

MySQL Access using MySQL Administrator

All DB access is executed using Check Point VPN Client