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VPS Virtual Servers

KOH offers a wide range of virtual solutions, combined with fair prices, flexible technical capabilities, high performance, stability, and high quality service.

The virtual environment combines the benefits of a shared environment with those of a private dedicated server. Ideal for those who require exclusive, single website/application level maintenance, or alternatively, for customers who require installation of applications that cannot be installed on shared servers, but are not interested in purchasing a dedicated server (which are more expensive).

 We offer:

  • Fast and reliable brand name servers.
  • Each website is assigned its own RAM and CPU.
  • Full server access via SSH or Remote Desktop.
  • Ability to perform Server System Restart Independently by the customer (and more).
  • Possibility to install software, multimedia files, databases or commercial applications.

 Advantages Offered by Virtual Servers:

Shared servers play host to hundreds of websites that use the same physical resources without controlled allocation. By contrast, the allocation of resources in virtual servers is more selective, optimal, and for this reason websites that are hosted by VPS Servers show significantly higher performance.

 Secured Memory Allocatio
Unlike hosting services provided on shared servers, VPS Servers which are isolated from the other virtual servers receive a higher memory allocation for their exclusive use.

 Hardware Flexibility
Unlike the complex upgrade procedure required by shared servers (a procedure that requires professional knowledge), VPS Servers offer a simple and easy upgrade procedure.

 Full Backup
The backup procedure offered by VPS Servers is easy to perform and includes full backup.

 Software Flexibility
Shared servers are limited by the type of applications that may be installed and support installation of basic applications only. System level applications may not be installed. By contrast, VPS Server administrators are able to update and install whatever application they desire.

 Rapid Installation
The advanced technologies employed by visualization services enable quick and easy installation of VPS Servers.

 Energy Savings
By virtue of their virtual configuration, VPS Servers save on energy and are therefore more environmentally friendly.

 Increased Information Security
Unlike shared servers, Virtual Servers are isolated stand-alone servers, and are therefore significantly less viable to hacking.

 Low Costs
Virtual Servers behave like ordinary servers but cost less than dedicated servers.

 The ability to perform system restart and IIS RESET at any time in an independent manner.

 Maximum availability and reliability with no dependence on other websites hosted by that server.

VPS Servers are the perfect solution for popular, large-scale websites that draw heavy traffic, and enable their owners direct access via Remote Desktop.
As opposed to various restrictions inflicted by shared hosting solutions, VPS Virtual Servers support installation of dedicated applications and objects in an independent manner.

 Who Should Consider Installation of VPS Virtual Servers ?

  • Any company that operates more than one website and requires an efficient solution which is superior to that offered by shared hosting servers, including installation of custom software applications.
  • Any company that employs home-based employees and is interested in providing them with a remote work station.
  • Any company that requires a Dedicated Server solution, but is not interested in purchasing or maintaining expensive hardware.
  • Resellers that host multiple websites for various customers and require a fully managed solution.
  • Any company operating applications for numerous customers and require complete isolation between them.
  • A development environment solution. Applications may be installed and tested on multiple servers each running on a different operating system. Optional load balancing on multiple servers is also supported.

KOH offers 3 different Virtual Server packages each with a rich technical specification. All packages may be upgraded and/or customized according to customer requirements.

Disk Space 10GB 25GB 50GB
RAM Memory 256MB 512MB 1024MB
CPU / Processor 1 2 2
IP Addresses per Server 4 4 4
Disk Configuration Raid1+Raid5 Raid1+Raid5 Raid1+Raid5
Monthly Traffic 100GB 500GB 500GB
Remote Access Remote Desktop Remote Desktop Remote Desktop
Operating System Windows 2003/8 Std Windows 2003/8 Std Windows 2003/8 Std
Application Server IIS 6.0/7.0 IIS 6.0/7.0 IIS 6.0/7.0
Data Transfer Secure FTP Secure FTP Secure FTP
Databases MySQL/Access  MySQL/Access  MySQL/Access
50 MB Email Accounts 10 25 50
Shared Firewall Service
DNS Server
Server Restart
Monitoring & Warning