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About KOH

KOH IT Solutions was established in early 2004.
The company is engaged in provision of a wide range of IT services, web hosting and Data Center services.  KOH successfully combines leading technologies in order to meet specific requirements of each and every customer.
The company's success was inspired by one simple principle: To provide top quality, efficient and professional service, and by doing so, prevent the frustration caused by inadequate service and provide reliable and stable internet services to all business types. This invigorating approach to quality hosting combined with superior service has brought many customers to our door.

Innovative Data Center installations and a professional support staff is at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

KOH has declared several quality milestones concerning provision of superior services and operates according to a set of fundamental principles according to which:

  1. Provision of the very best technical service available whilst continuously monitoring and implementing the latest technologies available.
  2. Provision of courteous, honest and reliable service by both professional support staff and company management.
  3. Provision of response to all customer needs as efficiently and as rapidly as possible.
  4. Customers are considered to be the center of attention and the company will therefore strive to meet their ever-changing needs as efficiently as possible, thus enabling them to concentrate on management of their own business operations.
  5. למיLearning from mistakes as a leverage for improving procedures and company efficiency.

Project Initiation and New Customer Acceptance Process:

  1. Initial acquaintance and study of the customers various systems.
  2. Execution of technical review of all system requirements with in-house teams and outside software firms.
  3. Customization and configuration of available technologies according to specific customer requirements.
  4. Testing of technologies within the development environment.
  5. System installation in the production environment.
  6. Calibration of all monitoring, control and backup systems.
  7. Establishment of dedicated service and support procedures.

Whether its managed hosting, dedicated server, virtual server or shared hosting that you're after, we are the perfect host.