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Sale of SSL Certificates

By using Verisign / GeoTrust SSL certificates to encrypt your data, you can provide your visitors with maximum protection. SSL, otherwise known as Secure Socket Layers, is the accepted standard governing modern day data encryption over the web. This service is designed for customers who wish to perform various secure transactions over the web, to collect credit card payments or to simply encrypt data entered by their website visitors.

The SSL standard allows the visitor's client browsers to communicate with your website in a secure manner and establish an encrypted communications channel. (Websites using SSL encryption may be identified by the little key icon that appears on the browser). As part of company efforts to provide its customers with the very best security and protection services, KOH offers its customers a wide range of security services for protection of visitor privacy when using company products.

Such services offer various means of protection for data and private information which the website is not interested in sharing with the general public, including personal details, credit card details etc. For this reason we provide protection services including data encryption, 128bit SSL and more.
KOH is a licensed dealer of both Verisign and GeoTrust, the leading global companies in the field. SSL certificates involve a process including registration, issuance and installation.

Additional Advantages provided by GeoTrust SSL Certificates:

  • Compliance with 99.9% of internet browsers used around the world
  • 128/256/1024 bit encryption
  • Direct link to Root Certificates (non-linked encryption key)
  • Employs dynamic third party stamp
  • Offers an extremely fast registration process