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SEO Hosting

SEO hosting is a form of web hosting that provides an advantage by allowing you to create links between your own domain in such a manner that search engines consider them as separate websites hosted on separate servers.
As part of the SEO Hosting package KOH provides you with multiple Class-C IP addresses, a true advantage for those who wish to manage multiple websites that are hosted on the same server, but with separate IP addresses for each domain.

 SEO Hosting Enables:

  1. Create separate "networks".
  2. Be present on a single IP address.
  3. Be present in complete groups of different IP addresses

As a result, search engines view your sites as separate websites hosted on distant servers in different locations, and as a result, significantly improve your Google ranking.

KOH operates a large network of reliable high-speed servers that enable the allocation of multiple C-Class IP addresses from various locations.

Customers interested in achieving a unique web identity may order multiple dedicated IP addresses, that is, a dedicated IP address for each site. By ordering dedicated IP addresses, customers receive an additional service called "Reverse DNS".